Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a core part of who we are, so how we experience our sexuality is crucial to our experience of ourselves.  Experiencing your sexuality with clarity, acceptance, compassion and joy is key to promoting that sense of vitality that makes life meaningful and worth living.

In Sex Therapy, my goals are to help individuals and couples to:

  1. Accept, appreciate and enjoy their own sexuality

  2. Communicate clearly and explicitly their sexual needs, desires and boundaries

  3. Gain competence and learn skills that will enhance sexual enjoyment


To achieve these goals, I do the following:

  1. Provide accurate information about sexuality and intimacy

  2. Help individuals discover what they enjoy and what they want, what

feels good, what is fun and pleasurable, what is erotic for them, how to

tune into their own body sensations and increase awareness of their own body.

  1. Help individuals allow themselves to actually experience their own wants and desires and to increase their capacity to receive that which they desire.

In Sex Therapy, I speak with an individual or couple in the office and may suggest physical or sexual exercises to practice at home.  No sexual activity occurs in the office or in my presence.

Common sexual concerns

sexual dissatisfaction • desire discrepancy • low desire or lack of desire • sexual aversion or phobia •  sexual incompatibility • medical issues or disabilities & sexuality • ejaculatory control issues (premature, delayed or none) • infidelity • sexual compulsion or addiction • painful intercourse or orgasm • vaginismus • vestibulitis • vulvodynia • performance anxiety • inability to orgasm (anorgasmia) • penetration difficulties • polyamory


Katherine Ellin, PhD, MSW,DTR


Office is located in Central Square in Cambridge right near the Red Line.

763 Mass Ave

Suite 5

Cambridge, MA 02139

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